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Academic Publications


"I'm not this person': Racism, Content Moderators and Protecting and Denying Voice Online." New Media and Society.

"Social Support in Digital Patronage: OnlyFans Adult Content Creators as Online Community. CHI Proceedings.

with Jirassaya Uttarapong, Ross Bonifacio, and Donghee Yvette Wohn.


"Corporeal Moderation: Digital Labor as Affective Good. Social Anthropology.

"Revisiting Social Media as Far-Right Modality. Social Anthropology.


"'They Are Just a Danger!': Chronotopic Worlds in Digital Narratives of the Far-Right."

Journal of Language and Politics.

with Sabina Perrino

"Racialized Ideologies in Italy and the Philippines." Special Issue: Reconstituting Selves and Others: Race, Voicing, and Semiotization, eds. Jennifer Delfino and Maureen Kosse, International Journal of the Sociology of Language.

with Sabina Perrino


"Digital Slavery?" Book Review of Goodbye iSlave by Jack Linchuan Qiu. Political and Legal Anthropology Review.



"The Cissexist Assemblages of Content Moderation." December 12

"Inheritance as Alternative to Ethnographic Empathy with the Far Right." November 11


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